Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The well-dressed woman is on top of the latest trends in fashion, if for no other reason than to determine whether they can afford to add any of the outfits to their wardrobe without breaking the bank. Many of the top designers will make their designs available to the general public, in less expensive "off-the-rack" variations. Here are some of the top fashion trends for 2013, that can either be purchased straight from the designer or imitated with less expensive, but classy variations.

Black and White

Despite the usual association of pastels with Easter and spring, black and white has become one of the top fashion trends for spring 2013. This combination of black and white gives any audience an impression of clean, crisp lines. The wearer is left with the confidence of knowing that they are sporting a style that is a classic look. Adding different textures, prints, and belts is one way to update this iconic design.

Peekaboo Cut-outs

A new trend this spring is the use of strategically placed peekaboo cut-outs. Some of the pieces show a little more skin than others, depending on where the cut-outs are placed. The cut-outs not only apply to clothing, but to shoes as well. From Jason Wu's leather sheath dress to Calvin Klein's bustier/pencil skirt dress, there is a large selection of mid-riff baring apparel. Diane von Furstenberg's creation is much more daring, with mid-riff baring cut-outs as well as an up-to-there split.

Sporty Dresses - time to flirt girls!

This season's sporty dresses flirt with the boys, drawing attention to the ladies' legs. The hemlines are well above the knee, looking much like tennis skirts in some instances. Some of the designers offer A-line skirts, which are compatible with both strappy heels and wedges. They also look good with the down-to-earth tennis shoe. Shoulders are also exposed to capture the sun's rays for that getting-ready- for-the-beach feel.


Leather used to be associated with the bad boys and girls, but no more. Black seemed to be the only color available in the past. However, that has changed with this spring line presented by the various designers. Accessible colors range from deep and rich to the light and airy pastels. The leather itself is much lighter in weight in comparison to that of yesteryears. Part of this new look has it combined with other fabrics.


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